Taste of France – Season 1 | Episode Guide
2020 | 12 Episodes
Meet the very best French chefs at their own charming Michelin-starred restaurants and learn their true cooking secrets. Taste of France goes inside the lives and kitchens of thirteen master chefs in France. This show brings together thirteen extraordinary chefs to tell the personal stories behind their culinary triumphs.
2020 | 5 Episodes
Of the five major regional cuisines of China, Huaiyang’s is renowned for its delicate knifework, elegant presentation, and crisp, light flavors. Dishes like Stewed Tofu Strips, Lion’s Head Meatballs, and Squirrel Fish are quintessential examples of the exquisite knifework of Huaiyang cooking.
2020 | 8 Episodes
In this Taste Asia – Vietnam Chef series, meet celebrity chefs from South to North who are having strong connections with traditional values & dedication to bringing out Vietnamese cuisine to the world.